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Valériede Courcel

Valérie de Courcel

Le jardin des hespérides

Valérie de Courcel has two passions that feed each other: garden and painting. She created a marvelous place, the garden of Villa Fort France in Grasse. Years of shaping the earth, the rows of flowers, the islets of fruit trees and the ponds. A titanic work in the process of being created for more than thirty years and which has become a source of inspiration for his painting. Unless it’s the other way around. She organizes, with a brush this time, the plant and animal world that she has shaped. The canvas transcribes, beyond lines and colors, all the poetry and tenderness that bind her to her Garden of Eden.

Valérie de Courcel was born in Rabat (Morocco) in 1959.
Former student of the Charpentier Academy, she graduated from the National School of Arts in Paris Cergy. She is a Member of French Artists Society.
She lives and works between Grasse and Paris.