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Nicolette Bénard

Unique Icons

Playful, joyful, eccentric and goofy, Nicolette Bénard’s excentric characters are displayed in transparent boxes of curiosities. In colourful woolen cladding with matching accessories, her male and female dolls, often synonymous for perfect fates and wonderful worlds, become amazing and enigmatic creatures.
Beyond the universe of play, the artist reconstructs a reality of hybrid bodies with changing fates. Accessories and body become one. A large dose of humour to question our lifestyle.
Each character is a unique creation, presented in a plexiglass box.

Nicolette Bénard was born in 1967 in the Netherlands. She lives and works in The Hague, only a one-hour drive from Amsterdam.
She graduated as a jewellery designer from the Dutch technical professional school for Silver and Goldsmiths and Design in Schoonhoven.