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Styliste papier

Stéphane Gautier

Madeleine de Proust

Stéphane Gautier has adopted the bear, or maybe it is the reverse.
The artist began his journey through the universal lands of recollection and memory with the most obvious, most narrative and most mythical representation of childhood as a guide: a bear.

A symbol of total love. He did not choose an ordinary bear, but rather a Candy-shaped bear, a universal conductor of childhood emotions… The alpha and omega of the entire approach. With his marvelous sweets Happy Bears, sometimes amassed under the same banners, transformed, re-styled, genetically modified, with added logos or even branded, Stéphane Gautier penetrates the spaces of reflection and holds a mirror up to our childhood, by invoking its symbols and suggesting its sanctification.

The bear as a refuge, a mirror or a postcard, the bear of Proust or the bear as a paradigm, the little sweet has become the standard-bearer of the honed creativity, both brilliant and unique, of a boy of his time.