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Styliste papier

Gérard Willemenot

Father of demons

Diabolical, confusing, extravagant, mysterious. Gérard Willemenot’s painting is all at once.

It is in this medieval-inspired world, born directly from the artist’s abundant imagination, and where fantastic creatures live, that alchemy meets mystical tales. The unreal scenes, extremely detailed, portray multiple hidden meanings, historical and artistic references and double readings.
Willemenot’s painting is full of codes, signs, rebus and mind games. He has created an inexhaustible repertoire of mad scientists, female devils and fascinating monsters. This universe, methodically reconstructed, is a reflection of the singular personality of the artist who has chosen to paint the world in his on way.

Gérard Willemenot was born in 1943. He leaves and works in the Paris region.
A graduate in Applied Arts, he worked for 25 years as an architect.