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Styliste papier

Frédéric Saint-Aubin

Mirror effect with the past

Frédéric Saint-Aubin sculpts clothes for imaginary bodies. In haute couture dresses or work clothes from the 1920s to the 1960s,  his characters are given life out of simple sheets of colored paper.

Whilst his inspiration mainly comes from fashion history and design illustration, he also draws ideas in the style of comic strips, Jacques Tati’s films or the modern artists of the early 20th century. From this past world, new characters can be endlessly reinvented.
The artist resembles his sculptures, yet sometimes it is the other way round.  This disturbing similarity shows the way followed for about twenty years. His many characters tell not only stories, but also give a mirror effect with a world that no longer exists. Thus, the bodies are not so imaginary. Everybody inside gets a tailor-made costume and imagines. This identification experience, through time, gives a soul to these paper characters.

Frédéric Saint-Aubin was born in 1964 in Rabat. He lives and works in Paris.