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Styliste papier

Stéphanie Guglielmetti

At the crossroads of kinetic and spatialism

Stéphanie Guglielmetti works with anything that is movable, such as raw materials, space, light and shadow, and extraction. She creates unpredictable movements following the rhythm of subtle vibrations. Her research lies at the crossroads of kinetic art and spatialism.

Everything is designed to enhance these movements. The components, mostly extracted from watches or clocks mechanisms are tied in suspension, floating in the air, moving autonomously. Thus, the resulting sculptures are constantly reinventing themselves under the effect of air and movement. Space is seen, not as a void but as a place of vibrations between beings. It’s a random space of variable intensity. A connecting and meaningful space.

Each mechanism is respected for both the technological advances and the heritage it demonstrates. But these pieces, originally designed to play a specific part in the system that governs us are in this case, reorganized following the artist’s codes. She assures man’s ability to create a personal space when facing a violent transition.

She participated to the show Picasso, 50 artists in Barbizon, Espace culturel Marc-Jacquet (spring 2023).

Stéphanie Guglielmetti was born in 1971. She lives and works in Paris.