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Styliste papier

Ferri Garces

The gardens of Ferri Garcès

Born in Iran, aged 18 when she arrived in France, Ferri Garcès was undoubtedly more sensitive to paper. Letters, first, then, books which she uses today as a living material. Printed pages or blank papers of different textures to which colored inks are blended. As a link between civilizations, between men and women. As a message of hope, too. The shapes she assembles show a path, a furrow, a destiny.

For a long time Ferri Garcès has been looking for a simple and as natural as possible material to shape what she’s been eager to express. At the very beginning of the 2000s, it seemed obvious to her to use paper. Used for centuries in many civilizations, paper fully matches her artistic identity. It is a return to her roots and nature. Quite soon, and in a world engaged in a frantic race to innovation, Ferri Garcès chose to lean against the wind.

Ferri Garcès was born in 1957. She lives and works in Paris.
She is a graduate of the University of Paris VIII (Master in Plastic Arts).