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Styliste papier

Giselle Zanellato

Origamis with variable geometry

In Gisèle Zanellato’s colourful world, the great masters of painting rub shoulders with the unexpected and fantasy is invited in cut-outs and collages with optical effects. Unusual juxtapositions and associations take the observer to the heart of the artist’s imagination.
Curious about everything related to the image, in all its forms (paintings, tapestries, architectural elements or photographs), Gisèle Zanellato captures and diverts the technique of origami, to reinterpret the strong personality faces of classical painting.

The accumulation of folds and glances, accentuated by flat areas of colour, create a new dimension where rigour and order play with fantasy.

Gisèle Zanellato was born in 1960. She lives and works in Mons, Belgium.
Graduated from the Fine Arts School in Mons.