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Barbara Daeffler

Prehistoric totems

The Beasts, seem to have just escaped the permafrost, they embody a narration of the origins. Barbara Daeffler searches for their likeliness and their mystery, that state of the mind that links us to them. The elegance and archaism of her Beasts are fascinating. They evoke the past of an imaginary paleontology. They wear colorful tattoos, signs of erosion and fossilization on their skin as sacred jewelry.

The Earth is like a skin stretched out to its limits, until the first cracks. The Beasts seem to have a rather rough skin, but the artist, looking to create contrasts, softens their appearance with porcelain work, pigments, fumigations and touches of glaze.

“They were totems sent through the ages, they were heavy, powerful, silent, still, so not modern. (…) Prehistory cried, and each of its tears were yacks.” Sylvain Tesson, La Panthère des neiges.

The sculptor and ceramist Barbara Daeffler was born in 1973. She lives and work on the bay of Saint-Brieuc. She first started making ceramics as she was studying art history, archeology and ethnology. For twenty years now, she has been a sculpting professor at La Briqueterie in Langueux.