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Bianca, bubble of happiness

Bianca, a cute Maltese doggy, is transposed into the world of humans by illustrator Patricia Jugnot, her author’s name Mouche Cousue. Always where we least expect it, Bianca takes a tender and funny look at our daily life and our human problems. Under the guise of Banksy, coming out of yoga class or in quarantine, Bianca displays a refreshing candor. Bianca is inspired by the artist’s little dog. Unless it’s the other way around. Patricia Jugnot, who is also a former lawyer, has chosen colored pencils to develop her character through funny or poetic scenes. A state of mind, a light thought, a nod to current events, Bianca is above all a bubble of spontaneity, all in delicacy, available in a series of original signed drawings.

Patricia Jugnot was born on April 13, 1983 in Marseille. She lives and draws in Paris, Saint-Germain-des-Prés.
She illustrated Alice in Law Land, (EnrickB edition) and Al Chapone, the scarred cat, ALMA audio application, created by Martin Solveig. In planning: a future publication with Flammarion editor.