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Chris Maynard

Feather sculptor

Universal symbol of transformation, accomplishment and hope, the bird feather is the material of choice of sculptor Chris Maynard who has chosen this medium since his childhood.
In appearance fragile, the feather can be worked in a complex way. The scalpel details stagings that highlight the shapes and colors of the feathers themselves, inviting the viewer to stare and gaze again. The feather becomes a link between present lives and dreams.

Chris Maynard works with feathers from turkeys, parrots, peacocks and other birds. An environmentalist at heart, Maynard’s feathers are all obtained legally. Many feathers fall off naturally, which means the birds they came from may still be alive today.

Maynard’s work is included in private collections and featured in publications in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Chris Maynard is born in 1954. He lives and works in Olympia, Washington USA.
Book: Feathers, Form & Function, (2014).