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Styliste papier

Isabelle Chapuis

What the skin reveals

Isabelle Chapuis’s universe is made up of experiments. The artist uses chrysalis, powder, frost or vegetable materials. Her images have real color.“Photography is the expression of an emotion. The one I feel and the one I transmit ”, she explains. A world populated by atypical characters where emotion becomes the engine of aesthetic research. The human is at the heart of the photographer’s work. The skin, vibrant texture, becomes the support of its narration. Isabelle Chapuis reveals, through the body, our relationship with the intimate and a dimension of our identity.

Isabelle Chapuis was born in 1982. She lives and works in Paris.
Graduated from Esag-Penninghen, in 2005.

Since December 2016, the Rituels series has entered the permanent collection of the Grand Musée du Parfum, in Paris.