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Edouard Martinet

Metalworking Artisan

Edouard Martinet practices the art of transformation to the extreme. Using dusty mechanical components as his raw material, he achieves the impossible: delicate works that illuminate the beauty of the animal world. His work is akin to that of a master goldsmith.
Each sculpture emerges from a harmony between objects from a bygone era and the portrayal of insects or animals with an unreal perfection. Both a metalworker and an entomologist, he scours and collects old metal pieces, which he disassembles, piles up, and sorts in his workshop. Without any welding, he reassembles mudguards from mopeds, bicycle headlights, and other typewriter parts to recreate a fabulous metal menagerie. While the technical prowess of the transformation is remarkable, the sculptor’s poetic vision and keen sense of observation infuse each new creation with a soul.

Edouard Martinet was born in Le Mans in 1963. A graduate of Esag-Penninghen Paris (1988), he lives and works in Rennes.