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Annie Samuelson

The privilege of being alive

«In my studio, I define a framework to tame reality. I don’t know why I’m in this world, its brutality is often unbearable, but beauty, art and silence calm this ignorance and violence.
My work seeks to capture the unspeakable and to pull us out of the void of despair. I’m dedicated to accepting what makes us human, and to reinstalling it in an appropriate setting that reflects the privilege of being alive. My gaze seeks appeasement in sculpture.
I believe in it as long as I create, as long as I prepare or shape a new piece. Stop sculpting would blur the meaning and make it invisible. Sculpting is entering into the mystery where this unknown benevolent will show you the way.
My role as an artist is to touch you, by creating this bridge between absence and life.
My well-wishers are my messengers for you »

Annie Samuelson lives and works in Paris.
She learned sculpture at the Art Student League and at Parson’s School in New York.