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GwenaëlleLe Mée

Gwenaëlle Le Mée

The paths of serendipity

Gwenaëlle Le Mée sculpts landscapes. Her technique is an alchemy whose dosage results from multiple explorations through the arts. Each medium is reinvented, juxtaposed, diverted, to create a vibrant material.

Glaze, ink, lacquer, collages or gold leaf. The texture comes to life through successive sanding and chiseling. The relief created reveals dreamlike landscapes where you can see corners of the sky, inlets and forests, among others. The light plays by taking the paths of chance.

“Each work is unique, like our own existence,” she likes to compare. Unique like this feeling which animates her in front of a landscape and which she tries to transcribe as closely as possible. Her vision of nature, with an element of dream, which she gives to interpretation.

Gwenaëlle Le Mée was born in 1967. She has a degree in Visual Arts from Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris. She lives and works on the Île de Ré.