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Michelle Ballion

Celestial bubbles
Michelle Ballion’s celestial ceramic bubbles run along the walls and wind between the architectural elements and the furniture. The installations of the artist, curious to explore different techniques and preoccupied with the balance between man and nature, take shape in the existing. Light and airy, they adapt to the places they occupy to open up spaces for reverie and freedom. The words, associated with the colors, refer, depending on the series, to a work, a masterpiece, a literary or cinematographic work. Experimentation is endlessly available with other lexical fields. The feelings and the emotions are distilled on the walls with the wire of the nuances. She reinvents an alphabet, with its palette of colors and words.
Michelle Ballion is a visual artist trained at the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris and at the National Taiwan Academy of Art, Taipei. She lives and works in Paris.
Michelle Ballion