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Michelle Ballion

Vegetal Souls

Michelle Ballion’s half-spheres run along the walls and meander between architectural elements and furniture. The installations of the artist, curious to explore different techniques and concerned about the balance between Man and nature, take shape in the existing. Light and airy, they adapt to the places they occupy, to open up spaces for daydreaming and freedom.
In this new series, Âmes Végétales, Michelle Ballion proposes to illustrate this intelligent relationship between man and plants. Porcelain is a soil, like the one where plants take root. It is white like the page to be written or the canvas to be painted. Half-spheres of different sizes are covered with stamens, umbellules, bulbils, buds, calcicoles, chalices or corollas and intertwine with human forms. The choice of colors is symbolic: green for the blood of plants, red for that of men, and gold for the sun, essential to life.

Porcelain half-spheres to hang. Ink drawings enhanced with gold leaf. Signed unique pieces.

Michelle Ballion is a visual artist trained at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and the National Taiwan Academy of Art, Taipei.
She lives and works in Paris.

Michelle Ballion