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Benjamin Georgeaud

Tame the bronze


Benjamin Georgeaud opposes the power of bronze to the lightness of weightless bodies. Suspended moments fixed as so many sources of emotions. The material is worked, tamed and with each new work, he takes up the challenge of giving birth to the elusive, from raw material.

Beyond the exercising bodies and the technical prowess, his sculptural figures float with delicacy. The effort of the body during exercise appears barely perceptible, etching instant moments of grace.

Close to the circus world, since 2015 he has produced the trophy for the annual Artistika festival in Visp, Switzerland.

Benjamin Georgeaud was born in 1980, in Drancy. He was trained in morphology and drawing classes at the Paris City Hall’s fine arts workshops, before becoming Jonathan Hirschfeld’s assistant.

Benjamin Georgeaud
Benjamin Georgeaud