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Pascal Dombis

Excess artist

Pascal Dombis focuses as much on language as on perception. He creates unstable and dynamic visual environments and artworks, notable for the excess, repetition and unpredictability of technological processes. For more than two decades, he has been using computer algorithms to produce excessive repetitions and combinations of simple processes that create unpredictable, unstable and dynamic visual forms.

Pascal Dombis exploits the paradoxical co-existence of orderly control and chaotic aleatory forces to produce his artworks. He aims at challenging the viewer by developing multiple viewpoints and renewing the visual experience.

The question of our relation to Time is central in his work. The Time of digital machines, regulated by their pure presence and their immediacy, is transforming our future, and also our past.

Pascal Dombis was born in 1965. He works and lives in Paris.
Monography, edited by Supernova/les presses du réel.