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Laurencede Valmy

Laurence de Valmy


Valmy invites us to reflect on the links between artists through times and the relationship between Art and social media today. Inspired by the personal stories of artists, she revisits Art History through fictional anachronistic Instagram of the past asking “what if Instagram had always existed?”
The artist combines her knowledge of art history and painting to appropriate iconic artworks and share their stories. Each artwork, skillfully hand painted with acrylic, is a clever juxtaposition of an original painting and an imagined conversation historically accurate yet humorous. By telling the stories behind these famous artworks, the artist leads us to consider them with a new eye and reflect on the place of social media today in our relationship with art, more often seen through a screen than in person.

Laurence de Valmy was born in 1974. She works and lives in California, USA.

Laurence de Valmy