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Henri Depardieu

Une experience immersive unique

Henri Depardieu floods his compositions with intense and luminous colors. Scenes of life or peaceful gardens strike with their frank tones. The gaze meanders between the jets of light and the shadows, to interfere in the depth of the canvas.
Henri Depardieu’s painting delivers a limpid impression, both familiar and puzzling. The perceived feeling intrigues and hypnotizes. It invites you to come back to a detail, to stroll from one reflection to another. The contours seem to detach from the support, like a work in relief.
Each canvas offers a unique immersive experience.

Henri Depardieu was born in Paris in 1947, an Italian mother and a French father.
He lives and works in Asia.
He is a graduate of the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts (ENSAAMA), Paris.

Henri Depardieu