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Styliste papier

Evgenia Saré

Tales of ordinary madness

Evgenia Saré invents prodigious tricks, creating subtle traps for the eyes. Rare and deeply singular artist. Her over-present characters seem forever animate a fancy fairy tale.

The unlikely characters of Evgenia Saré were born in this parallel universe, halfway between the Middle Ages and cartoons. Accompanied by strange creatures, they engage in equally crazy activities: they take care of their eggs, when they are not playing.

Evgenia Saré tells a world where each one takes care of the other. A world populated by singular characters, with the sacred aura of timeless icons. Beyond appearances, it is wisdom that animates the artist’s brushes.

Evgenia Saré was born in 1959. She works and lives in Paris. 
She graduated in Fine Art School from Erevan, Armenia. She is also scenographer for theater and cinema.